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ShatilAribArt Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2017  Professional Traditional Artist
great collection 👍👍
beautyliesintheeye Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2016
A simple tribute to a great and shy talent.
Moving, creative, technically masterful, pushing herself in a never ending quest .
Extraordinarily, she goes from provocative to academic and back on the sole pursuit of her art and perfection, contingencies and misperceptions swept aside, as if to ensure we're still with her.
And she's soft at heart. Sharp as a crystal shard, but vibrating all the same at the slightest perception. A true free spirit and a sucker for emotions.
And all this gives her art this indefinable something that sets it apart. Hence this little tribute.
Note that I selected what I thought would convey best my perception of her art, not what I prefer, which is pointless in a tribute anyway...

Well now of course, she'll probably kill me slowly and painfully*. So until she does... ;-) (Wink)

*Needless to say I do not have the privilege of knowing the artist other than through the work she generously displays here.
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